Blockchain QA Engineer
General Information
    Salary range: $70k+
    Position: Full-time
    Location: Remote
    Time-zone preference: Any


    Thorough understanding of how Kingdom Game 4.0.
    Experience in writing automated tests for DApp frontends.
    Ability to create testing setup from zero.
    Be able to work autonomously.
    The candidate should be independent enough to make important technical decisions on their own.
    The candidate should be driven and innovative, planning the best ways to get full test coverage of the product.


    Setup the tools needed to enable end to end testing (JS framework, local blockchain).
    Analyze our codebases and propose a test plan for each part.
    Write the appropriate end to end tests in order to protect the product from regressions bugs.
    Monitor newly released features and continually add tests for these features.
    Consistently plan to upgrade and improve our testing infrastructure.

How to apply

Send email to [email protected] with your resume.
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