24-hour Refundable Mechanism
With the aim to enhance users’ experience, we are pleased to announce that KingdomStarterLaunchpad will add the “refund” function for all IGO rounds
  • Being a risk-free way for active IGO investors
  • No extra fee
  • The refund function will be applied for all IGOs and for Guaranteed and Community round KingdomStarter.
  • Users only can get a refund within 24 hours after the first claiming time.
  • If claiming time is not scheduled, the refund button will not be displayed for users to choose.
  • Refund action will charge no fee. Users only need to pay the blockchain fee when they try to get a refund.
Please noted that the allocation rules are the same as before and now users have more benefits because they have the option to get the refund after the token is listed.
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