IDO Rules

Tier model for IDO eligible

KingdomStarter Launchpad uses a fixed tier system based on the number of tokens held. The allocation amount for each Tier could be changed according to the project’s allocation requirements.
We have 5 tiers for IDO allocation determination and exclusive benefits as below:
Allocation calculation details for each tier:

Key takeaways from the table:

  • We specifically designed the tiers to benefit the entire KDG ecosystem.
  • Every tier( except community round) is guaranteed to have the opportunity to purchase tokens from the IGO pool.
  • As you advance in tiers, the number of tokens you can purchase will increase
  • Large shareholders are incentivized to stake into the upper tiers yielding higher allocation opportunities and creating less price volatility for all holders.

For Community IDO

Condition 1: Each user needs to stake a minimum of 5,000 KDG into pool 3 — Stake KDG earn KDG lockup 1 day — on the KingdomStarter platform.
Condition 2: You need to complete all the tasks as required such as: following media channels or sharing some posts.
  • At the end of the whitelist period, users who meet all 2 conditions will win the community round ticket. The whitelist will be published 24h before the Community IDO starts.
  • We apply the First come, first served rule.
For example, there are 1000 users on the whitelists(meet 2 conditions). And the community IDO just gives 200 tickets. The fastest 200 people( among 1,000 whitelisted users) will be able to participate and buy tokens in Community round.
  • The amount of allocation token in Community IDO will be different based on each IDO project.

For Guaranteed IDO

Based on tier determination and exclusive benefits, if you stake the number of tokens as below, you will have the right to access Guaranteed IDO:
  • At least 100,000 KDG at Pool 1 - Stake KDG earn KDG lockup 60 days or Pool 2 - Stake KDG earn KDG lockup 30 days or
  • At least 6,700 KDG-BUSD CAKE LP token at Pool 4 lockup 45 days
  1. 1.
    We will snapshot randomly user Staking balance 24h-48h before the IIDO opens.
  2. 2.
    Guaranteed IDO is only for IDO Pool KDG-KDG lockup 60 days, IGO Pool KDG-KDG lockup 30 days and IDO Pool KDG-BUSD CAKE LP lockup 45 days. So make sure you stake enough tokens in the right pool.
  3. 3.
    KDG Holders will get more benefits other than IIDO allocation according to their tier, such as exclusive NFT drops, KDG airdrops, etc. more details will be revealed soon.
  4. 4.
    Example for allocation calculation:
  • If we sell 1 million tokens in the IDO, and there are 500 Star Members, 200 Mercury Members, 50 Venus Members, 20 Earth Members, 10 Mars Members.
  • Star has a weight of 3
  • Mercury has a weight of 7
  • Venus has a weight of 16
  • Earth has a weight of 35
  • Mars has a weight of 80.
  • The combined weight of all the qualifying buyers in this example is (500*3) + (200*7) + (50*16) + (20*35) + (10*80) = 5,200; The amount of tokens allocated to each weight is 1,000,000 / 5,200 = 192.
  • Each user in Star tier will get : 192*3 = 576 tokens
  • Each user in Mercury tier will get: 192*7 = 1,344 tokens
  • Each user in Venus tier will get: 192*16 = 3,072 tokens
  • Each user in Earth tier will get: 192*35 = 6,720 tokens
  • Each user in Mars tier will get: 192*80 = 15,360 tokens