Donate to your idols

If you do not know how to livestream, don't worry, as long as you are passionate about games, you can use Kinglive to search and watch videos game. And surely that you will find a lot of your favorite streamers on our platform.
So how to show your "love", the answer is donate to your idols.

1. Make sure you have KDG in your wallet

KDG is listed on MXC, PancakeSwap, and BSCStation so you can buy KDG on that exchanges and store KDG in your wallet.
You can also check assets in your profile

2. Go to NFT Market and buy your favorite NFTs

You can see the instructions here​

3. Watch your favorite livestreaming video

At the livestream homepage, select any livestreaming video you want. You can also search by writing the streamer's name or the title of the video in the search bar.

4. Choose NFTs and donate to your idols

Click on the gift box next to the chat bar, select and enter the amount of the NFT you want to send to your favorite streamer.