Kinglive FAQs & Troubleshooting

How can I check the total time livestream on Kinglive NFT Streaming?

In your profile, we all statistics the total livestream time, total views and followers... You can check the overview information there. Or go to the statistics page to track detailed information of each of your livestream and upload video.

Why is my screen black when I livestream?

The reason is that during the livestream, your network connection is unstable, leading to intermittent connection and black screen.
So during the livestream, you should check your internet and turn off your livestream when it has a black screen.

Why does the livestream on certain time frames have an error that do not show the streamkey or be suddenly interrupted?

At certain time frames or when has some events, the amount of livestream on Kinglive will increase rapidly, leading to a problem that our website has to process a large amount of data and overload.
For this error we will fix it soon to ensure users have the best experience.

Sometimes, I can not find my "endstream button". What is the cause?

The main reason is also because of unstable network connection. So that your livestream was suddenly disconnected, our system needed to process and "endstream button" was not immediatedly displayed.
The solution is that you reload our website a few times to show the endstream button again and start a new livestream.

Why can't I search by streamer's name on Kinglive?

Currently, you can search by streamer name. However, you must ensure that that streamer has at least 1 livestreamed or uploaded video on his profile to be able to use this searching function.

Are there some way to report bugs or provide feedback to Kinglive?

We has built our Streamer communities and because Kinglive is a project of Kingdom Game 4.0, so you can report bugs and provide suggestions through our channels on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook…

How can I deposit KDG?

On KDG's information channels, we have posted detailed instruction in articles and videos. You can get information for this question.