Build your own world
All users should create an impressive profile to attract viewers.

In terms of images

Cover and profile picture are the first things to catch viewers' eyes, so pick those pictures that match your personality and catch viewers' impression.
The number of followers and total views also affects viewers' impression. That why you also need to focus on what you decided to post on your profile.


Good content is the deciding factor that makes viewers stay. Besides being an eye-catcher, a streamer must keep rolling out new and creative content that makes viewers keep coming back, at the same time level up your content quality each time.
It is recommended that your best and most viewed video are displayed and pinned at the top of your profile.
Most importantly, a well-planned streaming schedule would increase your credibility as a streamer. Make sure you create and publish content on a regular basis and makes it as original and trendy as possible.


During the process of building your profile, you can see relevant statistics such as: Total videos, total views, total gifts, total live (hours) and followers.
And each video has its own stats about view, average watching time..., so you can track and find problems in your videos.
This makes it easier for you to build an even more engaging profile.
Last modified 2mo ago