How to buy NFTs
Buy NFTs in NFT Marketplace of Kinglive NFT Streaming is a good way to donate to your favourite streamers and own special items only available on NFT Market of Kinglive NFT Streaming.

1. Go to NFT Market

At Kinglive NFT Streaming's homepage, select NFT Market

2. Select your favorite NFTs

At NFT Market, there are many different NFTs for you. They are sorted by lists such as: Top Sell NFT, Popular NFT...
Click on the NFT that you want to buy.

3. Checking related information

You can see information related to NFT such as:
    Name of NFT
    Size and type of NFT
    Number of NFTs available to buy
    Creation date
    Detailed description
    Smart Contract
    And the price of NFT
After you have finished checking the relevant information, click Buy Now.
Note: Please make sure you have enough KDG in your wallet to buy this NFT.

4. Buy NFT

At the NFT buying interface, enter the quantity of NFT you want to buy. Then select Confirm to complete the process.
Note: Because Kinglive NFT Streaming is written on the Binance Smart Chain platform, so transactions on NFT Market require BNB as a fee. The minimum fee for buying artwork is 0.001 BNB
You can see your purchased NFTs in My NFT Artwork.

Last modified 2mo ago