Sell your NFTs

Whenever you want to sell an NFT, follow the below steps.

1. Go to my NFT Artwork

NFT Artwork is where you store your own NFTs:
  • Reviewed: NFTs you bought or mint that were approved by KDG admin.
  • Pending: NFTs that you mint is waiting for approval
  • Reject: NFT you mint has been rejected because of copyright, size, type...
  • Bidding: Your NFTs are in auction process.
NFTs in Reviewed section are ready to be sold

2. Select NFTs for sale

You can choose any NFT you want to sell by click on it and select Sell

3. Set up the quantity and selling price

At the NFT selling interface, enter the quantity of NFT you want to sell.

4. Sell your NFT

Click Confirm and click on Approve Contract and wait for 5-10 second to complete this process. And you can see your selling order in NFT Market.
The minimum fee for selling artwork: 0.001 BNB
NFT fee for Selling: 5 %