Mint your own artworks
Mint NFT is the feature that allows you to freely build your own artworks and make profits from your own aesthetic sense and creative skills.

1. Prepare your NFTs

Kinglive's NFT Marketplace lets you create NFTs with:
    Format: Image, Video, Audio or Video 3D
    File types supported: JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4
    Max size 30 MB
You can create as many NFTs as you want as long as it meets our formatting and copyright requirements.

2. Mint NFTs

Now you're ready to mint your first NFT!
    Click Mint NFT
    Drop your artwork file
    Select the artwork type and amount to mint
    Create an attractive name and add an interesting description
    Click Submit
The minimum fee for minting an NFT is 0.01 BNB

3. Waiting for approval

After minting an NFT successfully, go back to My NFT Artworks to check your minted artwork in "Pending"
We will approve NFTs one by one to ensure the eligibility and ownership of each NFT. After the approval process is completed, you can start selling your NFT.
If your NFT is qualified, it will be approved and display in "Reviewed", otherwise it will go to "Reject"
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